29-30 MARCH, 2022


Enhancing Microbial Strains and Cell lines for industrial applications (food/feed, cosmetics, biotherapeutics…)

Biocitech Technology Park, Romainville Grand Paris

Share the latest genomic/metabolic engineering and cell culture developments to select and enhance microbial strains, yeast and mammalian cells for industrial production ( Food / Feed, Cosmetics, Green Chemistry and Biotherapeutics)


Significant improvements have been done to understand and improve the selection/adaptation, rewire existing or construct new metabolic pathways to improve the properties of bacteria, yeast and mammalian cell lines used in industry. This two-day event gathering experts from industry and academia gives a unique “transdomain” opportunity to share experiences with the common goal of better selecting and improving robustness, yield, productivity and safety of various “cell factories” used for industrial bioproduction. An exhibition space will be provided as well as many opportunities for B to B meetings.

Expected participants: 80% industry, 20% academics

Experts from Industrial companies in enzymes for various applications, Food and Feed, Cosmetics (perfumes), Green chemistry and mammalian cell culture optimization for therapeutic proteins production, CROs and CMOs, instrumentation manufacturers, academic and Industrial labs developing new upstream methods

Among the topics discussed

  • Upstream  strategies for microbial fermentation and cell culture 
  • Industrial challenges and scale-up
  • High throughput screening technologies for Cell lines selection and development
  • Toolboxes for genomic and metabolic engineering
  • E.coli and Yeast improvements
  • Intellectual property, Reglementary, Safety and sustainability issues
  • Advanced instrumentation
  • Modelling and IA assisted approaches for bioprocessing