Dr. David Daudé is CEO and CSO of Gene&GreenTK, a deeptech start-up specialised in the development of sustainable alternatives to conventional antibacterial treatments through innovative enzymes. He graduated as an engineer from the National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA) in Toulouse in 2009, and then obtained a PhD in microbial and enzymatic engineering at the Toulouse Biotechnology Institute (TBI). He then joined Gene&GreenTK at the creation as a researcher and his role quickly evolved to become CEO/CSO in 2020. He is in charge of managing the company and overseeing innovation to accelerate the industrialization and marketing of the start-up’s innovations.

At 37, he has published 32 scientific papers and is involved in the filing of 3 patents. He has participated in the supervision of 7 theses and the coordination of 7 research projects

I carried out my Ph.D thesis focused on Biocatalysis field within the IMoPA Lab (UMR 7365 UL/CNRS), works for which I received the thesis award from University of Lorraine in 2018.

After this experience, I accomplished a postdoctoral fellow on an industrial scale-up of an enzymatic technology addressing the food and pharmaceutical industries.

I became Head of the Biocatalysis lab (GRL – Arkema France) in 2019. Aim of this laboratory is to develop the Biocatalysis field within Arkema by targeting commodity and speciality chemicals. Arkema’s Biocatalysis team has developed an original approach towards innovative processes, based on biotechnologies, which fully contributes to the group’s commitments.


Alexander (Ph.D. in Chemistry/Nanoscience) is working as a consultant at The Danish Technological Institute and has an interdisciplinary background with expertise within polymer chemistry, bioconjugation, chemical DNA synthesis, solid-phase chemistry, electrochemistry, flow chemistry and surface chemistry.

Alexander is developing green research projects by scouting difficult industrial challenges and engaging knowledge institutions towards solving some of the most difficult hurdles in the green transition, one of these projects being EnZync. Other focus areas include technical due diligence, product development and technology scouting for Danish companies. Technical focus areas include plastics and textile recycling, chemical production with reduced carbon footprint, and upcycling of waste streams.