7 Octobre 2021 9H30-12H30

Comité de programmation

Sylvio Bengio,PhD manages Adebiotech biotechnology think tank scientific programs 

He is the coordinator of this meeting on Tissue Engineering 

contact: sylvio.bengio@adebiotech.org

Co-Founder Poietis & Chief Business Officer

Bruno has over 25 years of professional experience in biotechnologies. After beginning his career in biochemistry and technology transfer, he worked in the USA especially as a Research Associate and Analyst within a consulting firm based in Chicago, IL. Backed to France in 2001 for launching a biotech start-up incubator he then held various positions in Business, Sales&Marketing (Cellectis, Mauna Kea Technologies, Fluofarma) and management (President and CEO of Biospace Lab). As a seasoned executive Bruno created his own company, BLS consulting, in 2011 and accompanied more than fifteen biotech/medtech companies for business and corporate development in dermocosmetics, devices and preclinical research.

He set up Poietis in 2014 after a 2-years maturation period with his principal associate, and he is now in charge of all the business development aspects besides contributing essentially to the structuring of the company positioned as one of the leaders in bioprinting.

Sébastien CADAU has a master’s degree in biology and a PhD in development & oncology from Joseph Fournier University (Grenoble, France).

After a post-doc in Tissue Engineering to develop an innervated and endothelialized skin model at the LOEX in Laval University (Quebec, Canada), he joined BASF Beauty Care Solutions research team to lead the Tissue Engineering platform, implement the skin model portfolio and evaluate the efficacies of new cosmetic ingredients.

Organic Chemist, graduated from Orsay-Paris XI University in 1988 (nowadays Paris-Saclay), Christophe DINI initiated his carrier as medicinal chemist at Roussel Uclaf, then he successively became Laboratory Head, then Group Leader at Sanofi-Aventis. In parallel he was missioned as Project Leader in Anti-infective and Oncology for projects spanning from target identification to preclinical development. 

Thereafter, in 2004, he co-founded Oroxcell, a CRO specialized in DMPK studies, along with developing its own portfolio of innovative therapeutics for of pain treatment. In 2015, while taking the lead of the company, he refocused Oroxcell activities towards In Vitro tests and more precisely by incorporating a suite of in chemico and 3D human epithelia-based model to support the ineluctable evolution towards alternative methods to animal use.

Today a fair number of these methods serve the regulatory safety assessment of substances issued from for pharma, cosmetic, medical device and chemical industries, and therefore endorsed in lieu of animal models.

Involved for several years in development and promotion of in vitro toxicology assays based on reconstructed human tissues.

After a PhD in neuroscience at the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM) he held a temporary teaching position at the university of Tours (France). He joined L’Oréal R&I in 2000 at the Life Science Research Center where he was involved in development and implementation of computerized tools for alternative to animal approaches in toxicology (results database, expert systems).

In 2004 he was appointed to scientific communication on alternative methods to animal testing and tissue engineering.

In 2011 he joined EPISKIN, a subsidiary of L’Oréal, dedicated to development and production of reconstructed human epithelia. As Scientific Director, he has been involved in several development projects that led to the introduction of new models and methods to the market. He developed the EPISKIN Academy program to promote the dissemination of alternative methods through education and training and to relay EPISKIN commitments to 3Rs.

Involved for several years in biocompatibility of medical devices he is Chairman of the French AFNOR S92J commission and convenior of the WG8 skin irritation and sensitization of the ISO/TC194 for biocompatibility of medical devices. He is also L’Oreal R&I Research associate and member of the advisory council of the Indian Society for Alternatives to Animal Experiments (SAAE)