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Keynote Lecture

Saadia KERDINE-RÖMER, Université Paris Saclay, INSERM UMR 996
Alternative methods and the 3R strategy: what place for tissue engineering?

Session 1 – Nutrition / Gastro-intestinal models

Marisa MELONI, VitroScreen, In Vitro Innovation Center
A pre-clinical path on gastro-intestinal tract: from 3D epithelial models to intestinal spheroids

Jan MARKUS, MatTek
3D reconstructed small intestine epithelium for modeling of drug kinetics and toxicity

Eric ANDRES, Oroxcell
Human reconstructed Intestine, a useful in vitro tool to predict drug oral absorption of finished products

Session 2 – Medical devices / Skin/ Regulatory / Flash posters

Christian PELLEVOISIN, Episkin
Tissue engineering, a driver for change in medical device biocompatibility studies

Sébastien CADAU, BASF Beauty Care Solutions
Sophisticated skin models for demonstrated cosmetic efficacies

Nathalie ALÉPÉE, L’Oréal
Regulatory considerations: A case study on Eye Irritation

FLASH Presentations

Karina CUANALO-CONTRERAS, cellQART® Technology, SABEU GmbH
Pierre-Alexandre LAURENT, Cellink Bioprinting technology
Henri-Philippe KONAN, I&L Biosystems

Session 3 – Preclinical developments, airway models, oncology

Philippe DETILLEUX, Sanofi
Micro-physiological models and other innovative in vitro systems for toxicity evaluation of new drugs – a Pharma Industry perspective –

Samuel CONSTANT, Epithelix
Development of in vitro immunocompetent human airway epithelial models for toxicity testing and infectious diseases research

Christian REGENBRECHT, CELLphenomics GmbH
Precision Oncology Beyond Genomics: The Future Is Here—It Is Just Not Evenly Distributed

Colin McGUCKIN, CTIBiotech
3D-Bioprinting human tumors to revolutionize personalized- / targeted- medicine and pre-clinical pharmaceutical development against cancer

Session 4- Novel technologies – HCS, organ on chip, Neurofluidics

Julian BURSZTYKA, Perkin Elmer
Tissue engineering and HCS (high content screening) for preclinical research: is the future at our doorstep?

Thibaut HONEGGER, Netri
Organ on chip approaches for Neuroscience: Neurofluidics reconstruction of neural networks and functional markers in drug discovery