Workshop 1 : MatTek


In Vitro Reconstructed 3D Model EpiIntestinal for the Assessment
of Chemicals, Drugs and Metabolism studies

MatTek In Vitro Life Science Laboratories (IVLSL) is happy to invite you to the workshop organized at ADEBIOTECH conference TEFI 2023. The workshop will provide an overview of the use of in vitro 3D reconstructed tissue model EpiIntestinal in toxicology and pharmacology. The program includes a presentation on the reconstructed small intestine model, practical hands-on training in the technology, and discussion. Participants will learn about the implementation of the reconstructed tissue models into the assessment of chemicals, drugs, and metabolism studies. The implementation and use of this novel technology will also be disused.

The target audience includes experimental biologists, pharmacologists and toxicologists, life sciences researchers, and students at all levels of expertise.  

Detailed Program:



5 min

Welcome note: Introduction to the workshop themes

60 min

Lecture: Prediction of drug-induced gastrointestinal toxicity with reconstructed 3D primary human small intestine model EpiIntestinal™ 

60 min

Practical hands-on training in the in vitro 3D reconstructed human tissue model EpiIntestinalTM


End of the workshop


Dr. Jan Markus, Senior Scientist, MatTek IVLSL, Slovak Republic

Workshop 2 : NETRI



Organonchip technology

Workshop 3 : Altertox Tatabox



The Workshop will focus on the key actions and steps required to develop and validate NAMs (New Approach Methodologies) by using The TATAbox. An edutainment game meant to open a conversation about NAMs and validation process in a fun and convivial environment. “TATABOX” (Towards Alternatives To Animal testing) material is not meant to be exhaustive in terms of content as well as persona but rather a starting point for discussion with concrete items on the process towards regulatory acceptance.

During the session, Altertox will bring participants into the NAMs ecosystem by taking part of a TATAbox activity. The focus will be put on interactions as well as experience sharing, guided and moderated by Altertox trainer/speaker.

LECTURER: Valentin SALAMONE, Training manager