Cédric Auriol est un entrepreneur et investisseur français dans le domaine de l’élevage, de la production et de la transformation d’insectes comestibles. Après l’obtention de son Master spécialisé en entrepreneuriat à l’École supérieure de commerce de Toulouse, il fonde l’entreprise Diplomissimo en 2007. En 2011, il se lance dans la filière émergente des insectes comme source de protéines. Il est le fondateur de Micronutris. En 2018, il crée Agronutris, société de biotechnologie spécialisée dans la transformation d’insectes en protéines à destination de l’aquaculture et du petfood.

Christophe Derrien is the Secretary General of the International Platform of Insects for Food & Feed (IPIFF) – i.e. the Brussels based EU federation representing the interests of insect producers towards the European institutions. Mr Derrien started to work for IPIFF in January 2015 and manages the Secretariat of the association since August 2016.

Native from Brittany in Western France, Christophe has a legal background, with a specialization in EU and agri-food legislation. After performing several professional missions at the French Ministry of Agriculture and at the European Commission (Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development), Christophe has been working for the EU umbrella organization of European farmers and agri-cooperatives (Copa-Cogeca), from 2009 until 2013: his main responsibilities included EU food and feed safety subjects. Then, Christophe worked as a consultant on EU projects related to food sustainability (from 2013 until 2016).

Mr. Antoine Hubert is Chairman, CEO and co-founder of YNSECT and also President & co-founder of the International Platform of Insects for Food & Food (IPIFF).

Antoine Hubert was previously senior scientist at TOTAL and ALTRAN where he managed R&D programs on Sustainable Development applied on bioresources, soil remediation, waste-to-energy and recycled resources. He also launched in 2007 and led the non-profit organization WORGAMIC, dealing with food sustainability, promoting urban agriculture and organic waste recycling within cities, and in 2011 the company ORGANEO operating on biowaste management.

He is also Board Member of Vitagora Competitiveness cluster and AgroCampus West school in France. He has a background in agronomy and life sciences from AgroCampus Rennes and AgroParisTech Engineering schools.

Chloé Phan Van Phi is the head of value chain at InnovaFeed. Her role involves working with all stakeholders in the aquaculture industry to build together sustainable and economically sound value chains. As an example, InnovaFeed partnered with the French retailer Auchan to commercialise the first insect-fed farm trout in the world.

Prior to InnovaFeed, Chloé worked as a project leader at Oliver Wyman and at the International Finance Corporation where she worked on infrastructure projects in Sub-Saharan Africa. She holds a Master of International Affairs from Johns Hopkins SAIS in the US and a Master of Science from the Ecole Polytechnique in France.

Paola is the cofounder of Tomojo, a startup offering cat and dog food made with insect protein for the european and international markets. After graduating with a BA (McGill University) and an Msc in Environmental Technology (Imperial College) she started her career in energy consulting, before co-founding Tomojo with Madeleine Morley. She is particularly in charge of relations with suppliers and products users, technical aspects related to life cycle analysis as well as R&D related to future product development.